Future for children is a registered charity. We provide
immediate and direct aid to needy children in Africa.
We are also registered in Kenya as NGO organization.
As a small organization we are able to help the needy children
in Kenya to overcome the problems which they face
from day to day. We are solving their problems and give
them support. We are preparing the children for a life
where they can be independent and self sufficient.
Our philosophy is that success will only be measured by

Future for children has raised the funds and bought
land on the south coast of Mombasa (Mvindeni area)
for building an orphanage. This orphanage is now completed and fully furnished.
There, the children are provided with fundamental necessities
(regular meals, clothing, money for school fees, medical aid) and most importantly vital information
regarding their own health management.

A House!
The orphanage contains 350sqm living area. The office,
a large kitchen, a storage room, the utility room
and a large friendly dining and sitting room are in the
basement. Next to it is the sleeping accommodation,
(for 16 children) containing four large colourful rooms
for children (each for 4 children, i.e. 2 bunkbeds).
Separate shower rooms with toilets for boys and girls.
Above are 3 large rooms for children (also for 4 children each). A large baby unit
with changing units, an inviting sitting room and 2
separate rooms with en suite shower rooms/toilet for
the care personnel.

Our farm of 4000 sqm contains cows to provide fresh milk
and dairy products, chickens for eggs/meat and goats for
milk and meat. We grow fresh vegetables, e.g. tomatoes,
peppers, aubergines, carrots, pumpkins, spinage, sukuma
wiki, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, papaya, mangos,
pineapple, bananas, passion fruit and guava. Thanks to
our own well we have water all the year round and can as
such provide a well balanced and varied diet.
We are operating our sterilization system with solar energy
and can therefore provide fresh clean and hygienic
drinking water. The children are growing up in groups
similar to a family.

A Home!
The only way to a future is by means of education.
The children attend neighbouring nurseries and primary schools.
They also receive support from us in the afternoons.
When they have completed 8 years at primary and 4 years at
secondary school, they will be able to test their talents
and responsibilities in our workshops; these will help
to guide them into an independent life for the future.
More help in this direction is urgently needed! Children
give us hope and encouragement!
Your donation will be very much appreciated!
Our Vision
To be a center of excellence in providing both basic
and social needs to destitute and orphaned children
for a bright future.
Our Mission
To offer A HOUSE, A HOME, A FUTURE to the
abandoned, orphaned & abused children by helping
them to become responsible citizens by maintaining
discipline at all times.

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our latest flyer (Nov 2010)